Hello, Warrior,

It is always my goal to be open, honest and transparent with you and for that reason I will always disclose if a blog post is sponsored by a brand, a paid advertisement, or if a blog post contains affiliate links. While I may have partnerships from time to time it’s so important for you to know that I will never post about anything that I don’t agree with. I will always give my honest opinion and will never steer you in any direction that will waste your money. You mean the world to me as blog readers and I value your loyalty.

From time to time you may come across affiliate links meaning that I earn a very small commission from your purchase. Any commission that is made goes towards our fertility treatment or future pregnancy. I am so very lucky to have you as a blog reader and just know that every word you read on my blog (aside from the Feature Friday posts) are written by me and are honest opinions.

Sending you lots of baby dust, thank you for your loyalty.