Five Things I'm Thankful For This Year | Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have in your life and a time to spend with your family. Growing up we would always watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then we would watch a movie called The Fighting Sullivans, it’s a black and white movie but it’s so good! You have to watch it if you get the opportunity. Thanksgiving has always felt so warm and cozy to me (even when it’s cold outside) I just love the way it feels!

Since dating and marrying Kerry, I’ve joined in on his family tradition which is to meet at their homeplace which they call “Granny’s house” but the Granny that they are referring to is actually Kerry’s great grandma who died some years ago. In that house, she grew up, she raised her family, and a few of her children started their families there. No one lives there now but it stays in the family for holiday gatherings and reunions. We took our engagement photos there because I have loved that house from the first time I step foot through the door. It’s historic and just so beautiful. Anyway, so on Thanksgiving we all meet there, bring a dish, and hang out with each other. Most people live nearby but others travel to be at home with family on that day. Can you tell that I love this day?!

So since it’s the time to be thankful, I want to name five things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!

#1 Kerry - How could he not be first on my list? He has been my rock for the last six years but especially the last six months. I obviously couldn’t have gotten pregnant without him but I also could not have gone through our loss without him. His support and need to take care of me during that time, meant the world to me.

#2 My sweet pups, of course - They had to be second on this list! My pups have been there for me through this difficult year. They have cuddled me on the couch when I’m crying, they’ve licked the tears off my face, they have made me laugh when I didn’t want to laugh, and they have made me feel like a mom in some capacity while I wait on our baby. They have taught me so much about responsibility and love.

#3 My incredible job and wonderful coworkers - I am one of the few that can say that I truly love my job. I work in real estate and I am on staff at my real estate company handling contracts, office needs, and I often help with marketing too. I have three bosses who are all men and their support through our miscarriage was so appreciated. I’ve never felt so lucky to work somewhere before. They were so gracious with time, sent me flowers, allowed me time off work, and checked in on me daily. They never let me forget what I meant to them and that was a true gift.

#4 My home - Kerry and I bought our first house four years ago now, it needed a lot of work. We have really transformed the house and we continue to update things. It seems there is always a project going on but I am so thankful to have this home, on this land, around Kerry’s family.

#5 Smithfields Chicken & BBQ and Bravo - I’m not even kidding, although it’s pretty funny. These are real things to be thankful for! If you’ve been following me for some time now, this one won’t surprise you one bit.