The Best Advice To Give Your Husband Before His In-Office Semen Analysis

Does your husband have to go in-office to give his "sample" for his semen analysis? You are in luck! We had to go through this too and we think we learned from the experience that way we can prepare you and your partner better. I asked you all on Instagram if you wanted me to share our experience with doing an in-office semen analysis and how you can prepare (and show support for) your husband. Let's be real, having to do something as personal as masterbation in a public place is nerve wrecking. I had secondhand anxiety FOR my husband, so I tried to do everything I could to support him and show him that the staff at the fertility clinic aren't judging him. If you think about it, it's just a medical exam. Other than surgery, how else would you be able to test a man's swimmers?

1. Arrive for the appointment 15 minutes early (or more) that way your partner doesn't have to feel rushed or under pressure. Sometimes stress can cause some difficulty when it comes to performing, being in-office for a semen analysis isn't the best time for stage freight!

2. Explain to your partner that the staff at the fertility clinic set up semen analysis appointments daily. To them, this is a medical exam. They know that your partner doesn't want to do this, here in their office. They are aware that your partner has to do this for the sake of having a family! 

3. The fertility clinic doesn't provide lubricants (some may but ours didn't) so ask beforehand if your husband can bring in fertility friendly lubricant (Pre-Seed, Baby Dance, Coconut Oil, etc). According to our clinic, saliva does not mess with the results so that's a possibility (sorry, I know that's gross) but it's probably more comfortable to have a lubricant, if allowed. Make sure to call your clinic and ask this beforehand!

4. My husband complained about this, and a few women in my support group mentioned it too, but since you are in the office, the room that your partner is in may be beside other rooms or busy hallways. If noise is a concern, tell your partner to bring headphones so they can cancel out any conversations that could distract them.

5. You know that feeling when you are in a public bathroom and don't realize that there is no toilet paper until it's too late? Tell your partner to treat this appointment like that horrible situation and make sure that the room has everything that they will need to (excuse the TMI) clean up afterwards. It may not be a bad idea to have your partner put a few tissues in their pocket just in case it's needed! That would be a really bad time to run out of toilet paper, paper towels, etc. 

I hope that this advice helps you and your partner! These are things that we learned from our first semen analysis and what we wish we had known or been more prepared for.