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Megan from Rowan's Bear

“I remember laying in bed, the next night after losing my baby, and my arms physically felt empty. I needed something to hold. It was as if I my body was weeping for what was lost.

I later discovered it's called empty arms syndrome.”

- Megan

What Megan is doing with Rowan’s Bear is truly heartwarming. I’ve followed her story for quite some time but never thought that I would be receiving a bear after the loss of our recent pregnancy. Megan jumped right in and offered to send me one of Rowan’s Bears and it was such a touching gift to receive not only because it shows how much she truly cares about mamas of angels but because the bear itself means something. Immediately after I received my bear, I just hugged it so tight and cried. That bear symbolizes the baby that we lost and the baby that I never got to hold, in that moment I felt so close to them. Megan even sends you a letter with your bear and it’s just such a beautiful gift to receive after such a hard time. You are reminded by the letter and Rowan’s Bear that you aren’t alone in this.

I asked Megan to share her story on Hello Warrior because what she is doing for the pregnancy loss community is truly incredible. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across her page, talked with her, and received one of Rowan’s Bears from her. She is a hardworking mama who doesn’t want anyone to go through a loss feeling alone with empty arms. I feel emotional just writing about her and what she’s doing. I have my bear sitting on my nightstand right now that way it’s close to me (but not too close to where my dogs will steal it and think it’s a toy for them) and it brings me such comfort.

I can’t wait for the day where we have our rainbow baby and this bear will be their first gift from us, so they can always remember their older brother or sister.

Thank you Megan, from the bottom of my heart. Please continuing reading to learn more about Megan, Rowan’s Bear, how you can get involved, and how you can send a bear!

Rowans Bear After My Miscarriage

I launched a project June 1st in my son's honor called Rowan's Bear.

The beginning of it started nearly two years ago - just days after I lost Rowan at 12 weeks pregnant. I remember laying in bed, the next night after losing my baby, and my arms physically felt empty. I needed something to hold. It was as if I my body was weeping for what was lost.

I later discovered it's called empty arms syndrome.

I told my sister and my mom what was going on. We went shopping a couple of days later, and that's when I found the perfect plush teddy for me to snuggle with.
For the next year, I snuggled with that bear every night. It made me feel closer to Rowan and gave me a sense of peace in my aching heart.

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The months that followed, I met amazing women who walked the same journey I did and were helping each other in many ways. Both Krystal of With Love, Genesis and Joy and Rachel of The Anahera Project were people I looked up to and admired what they did with their ministries.

I wanted to help others. I kept lists of different things I wanted to do. I played with the idea of making grief boxes, sending quote cards and other ideas swirled in my head. But nothing felt right to me and my story. I played around with the idea of sending teddy bears, but it was never concrete.

That was until this past May when I decided to do it on a spur of the moment.

I thought that I could have people donate bears, and then I could send one or two a month out to grieving families. But then I decided to reach out to the company that made my teddy bear I bought two years prior.

Rowan's Bear by Megan Whitworth

Enter Birchwood Trading Co.

I emailed the company's customer service with no expectations that I would hear back.

The next day I was at work, and all of sudden I checked my email, and I got an email from Larry from Birchwood. I was speechless when I read that email, because he wanted to help me.

I can't even describe how much my heart soared hearing they wanted to help me with my project.

It has seriously been such an amazing, beautiful partnership that I am so grateful for.

Larry, and the Birchwood team, have been such a wonderful support in all of this.

I am able to purchase a bear at a discounted rate with a flat fee for shipping in the United States to send to grieving families at no charge to them.

With Rowan's Bear, I want to help mothers and fathers who are hurting after enduring pregnancy and infant loss. It is a tough journey to walk, but it's a journey you never have to walk alone.
Since June, I have sent out over 40 bears through Rowan's Bear to grieving families.
Right now, I’m focusing on raising funds to purchase more bears for mothers and fathers who have put requests in for a bear.

I recently launched a campaign on Bonfire to sell RB shirts to raise funds for Rowan’s Bear. To purchase a shirt, you can visit: The campaign is open through Oct. 31. To donate funds, visits and click “Donate.” You can also request a bear on Follow Rowan's Bear on Facebook and Instagram @RowansBear.

I am truly grateful for the support and love that I have received for Rowan's Bear. It's truly been humbling for people to say Rowan's name and know of him. This is all in honor of my sweet babe in Heaven.

Megan Whitworth from Rowan's Bear - For Grieving Mothers and Fathers

If you would like to continue to follow Megan’s journey through Rowan’s Bear, follow @RowansBear on Instagram. Thank you Megan for sharing your journey!