Introducing.... HELLO WARRIOR

I promise you, this blog post is worth the read so please keep reading. I have a huge announcement and I have a lot to say about it.

I started Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples in December of 2017. I wanted a name that represented what I was after. I was six cycles deep into trying to conceive and I didn’t realize that it took a lot of people a year or so to conceive. Six months to me felt like forever. I needed an outlet and journaling just wasn’t cutting it for me so I started to blog. I named my blog Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples because it represented everything that I wanted. I wanted so badly to have a baby and the two words that came to my mind when I thought of our future child was well, diapers and dimples. Fitting, right? I wanted a blog name that I could transform into a brand that could fit all the stages in my journey from trying to conceive to being a mommy and so a brand was born.

Almost a year later and life is so different than it was when I first started this blog. After my miscarriage, I needed to think about what direction I wanted to go with my blog and how I wanted to help other women that were struggling with their fertility and all that falls under that umbrella. I want my blog to be more dedicated to every woman (or man) who fell upon my page. I want every person who leaves my website, to feel inspired and strong. Basically, I want to change the whole world and don’t know how to do it.

So with that being said, I’d like to introduce you to Hello Warrior, the new, improved, warrior-based version of Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples. The reason why I wanted to rebrand to Hello Warrior is because of many reasons, one being I wanted my website to be friendly and welcoming and I don’t know a better welcome than “HELLO” - right? And then I thought, “who is the person who will visit my blog” and that one was easy, warriors will visit my blog.

In my eyes, every single one of you is a warrior. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying to conceive for a month, six months, a year, and so on, gone through IVF, miscarriages, have PCOS, or just honestly are having a rough Monday, you are a WARRIOR in my eyes and I want you to believe that you are a warrior too. It takes a warrior to do this, not only be a woman, but be a woman that is desiring something that she isn’t getting. Even on your bad days, you are stronger than you realize.

Welcome to the rebirth of my blog!

My content won’t change, instead the message will get stronger. I get a lot of emails and messages about my positivity and strength and although it’s sweet as can be, it didn’t come easy. So I’ll be adding some wellness topics into the mix to help you better your mental and physical health. I’m not an expert by any means and I work on myself every single day, I thought why not bring ya’ll along with me on the journey to becoming a better and stronger me? I’ll talk about anxiety, depression, handling negativity, becoming more positive, how to start making diet changes and how to stick to it, and how to bring the better wellbeing of yourself into your relationship with your partner.

I’ll also continue sharing other women’s journeys to motherhood! So if you are interested in sharing with the class, please email me! i’d love to share your story and help inspire my other warriors!

Be sure to notice the changes to my website, instagram, twitter, and Pinterest and when you see my new name, just know that it’s the same me!

I’ve also added my face and name to the blog, which I have never done before. After a year and a half, I finally feel comfortable coming out of the shadows and sharing who I am. My name is Arden and you can learn more about me right here!