Kaitlyn Kusky's Journey Through Infertility, IVF, MFI, and Pregnancy Loss

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“Months had gone by and I felt something in my heart that there was a bigger issue.We were ready to start trying for baby kusky at this point but I kept testing on Ovulation kits and nothing.”

- Kaitlyn Kusky

My husband and I met in College 2009 but didn’t start dating until 2012. We are from Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Fort Myers, FL in 2014. We got married on January 9, 2016. We had decided to enjoy married life and each other before starting a family. I stopped birth control because I really disliked most of the side effects. That’s when trouble arose,  I went 9 months without a period which began to worry me. I went to my OBGYN who did the whole work up and said that I just need to gain weight and I’d be fine. I was a competitive figure skating and always had sporadic periods earlier in my life so I wasn’t too concerned. Months had gone by and I felt something in my heart that there was a bigger issue. We were ready to start trying for baby Kusky at this point but I kept testing on ovulation kits and nothing. 

I referred myself to a Reproductive Endocrinologist who immediately diagnosed me with PCOS. How could my OBGYN miss this? I was angry but thankful for the answers. My husband and I went through genetic testing and additional testing for him to ensure everything was in line before starting a treatment plan. That’s when we felt our whole world crumble around us. I remember the call like it was yesterday. The nurse called with his semen analysis results and she said “there’s no sperm in the sample” What do you mean there is no sperm?! She continued saying there was maybe 300 when your count should be in the millions. He then went through additional testing to see if there was an issue that could possibly be fixed with surgery. All tests back that it was a genetic condition and there was nothing more they could do. We sat down with our RE on November 30th of 2017 and he gave us the news that we would have a .0001% chance to ever conceive naturally. IVF, donor sperm, or adoption were our only options. We decided to go forward with IVF in January with a freeze all cycle due to Hyperstimulation. We ended up with 14 eggs, 9 Fertilized with ICSI and 6 Embryos made it freeze! We were elated! We had embabies! 

We began prepping for our FET in April. One of our embryos did not make the thaw but we were able to transfer one beautiful 4AA blast. Unfortunately, our first FET was unsuccessful. We were heart broken and devastated at first but our fight wasn’t over yet. We were still filled with hope that our miracle baby was waiting for us in one of those 4 remaining embryos. 

We prepped for another transfer in June, opting for a natural transfer cycle. I only had to take letrozole to help induce ovulation, one trigger shot and progesterone suppositories. Which were so much better than PIO shots! I know so many woman can relate. We transferred our last 4AA embryo(our remaining are 4bbs) and waited the long 9 day wait. I felt it that this transfer worked on day 5. I felt so different and unlike myself. My blood test came back positive! It was successful!  We were finally pregnant. My HCG came back a little low at 52 but they were optimistic because my levels rose to 548 and 2605! Our first ultrasound was at 7 weeks on July 25th. I knew by the look on our doctor’s face that something wasn’t right. At 7 weeks, there should be a heartbeat and all we saw was an empty sack. Our doctor gave us our options to let the miscarriage happen naturally at home, by ourselves or have a D&C. 

We opted for the D&C but the worst part is I had to continue the progesterone for another week until they could schedule my surgery. It was a constant reminder twice a day of the miracle we lost. I had the surgery on August 2nd. The recovery was more emotional than physical but I felt blessed to make it through everything, healthy. The fetal tissue was sent away for genetic testing to hopefully find some answers on what caused the miscarriage. Our embryo came back a perfectly healthy genetically normal girl. I was sent for more blood work to look for any other issues with my body and still no answers. We are resting in that God already knows the answers and it wasn’t our burden to bear. We have decided to take a break until next year to heal emotionally and really just get back to ourselves and enjoy each other. 

I have met so many incredible women through this journey and it’s so encouraging to know what we are not alone. We can fight along side eachother and be the encouragement we all need. I lead the Moms in The Making fertility support group in Fort Myers and that has been so healing for me. To hear other stories and testimonies. We are still filled with hope that our God is forever faithful and His plan is greater than all of our pain.  Our stories just may not look like anything that we thought it would. 

If you would like to continue following Kaitlyn’s journey, you can visit her blog, kmkusky.wordpress.com or follow her on Instagram @kaitlynkusky