My Husband Answers Fertility-Related Questions

Today I am asking my husband fertility related questions and I am writing down his exact answers. Uh, umm, and all. I thought that this was such a fun idea and it will help me prove that he NEVER listens to anything I say... ya'll can relate, right?

If you like this blog post, let me know and I will try to do it again!

Q: Let's start with a really easy question. What does "TTC" stand for?

HUSBAND: (long pause) uh, um, trying to conceive

Q: What cycle are we currently on?


* good job, honey!

Q: What is the difference between fertility and infertility?

HUSBAND: After a year of trying to "do it"

* Nicely put! Ha ha

Q: What kind of tests do we use to test for ovulation?

HUSBAND: I don't know, can't remember

* I only show him the tests daily for 10 days a cycle, and talk about OPKs non-stop around ovulation

Q: What is the ovulation hormone?

HUSBAND: (very long pause) mmmm uh I can't remember

Q: What is the difference between IUI and IVF? 

HUSBAND: IVF is when they implant a thing in you. I don't know.

* This one really made me laugh!

Q: What does "MFI" stand for?

HUSBAND: MFI? (loud exhale) mmm "male fertility insemination" Does insemination start with an I or E?

* We laughed so hard when he was thinking of the answer for this one. I told him that the M stood for "Male" to help him out. It didn't help much!

Q: What did Dr. M look at when I had my HSG done?


* Well, he isn't wrong!

Q: Do you remember what the HSG is?

HUSBAND: They stick a thing inside of you with a camera

* Close-ish. For those that don't know, it's a catheter that they can inject (not with a needle) dye in your uterus/tubes to make sure there is no blockage.Click here to read my recap!

Q: What does "SA" stand for?

HUSBAND: Semen analysis

Q: Do you love me? 

HUSBAND: Yes (gives me a weird look)

Q: What is the hormone that pregnancy tests detect? You can abbreviate.

HUSBAND: (Shakes head) I don't know

* I don't really hold this one against him because I never talk about it. But I just wanted to see if he knew!

Q: Can you name 3 fertility friendly foods that I've added to my diet?

HUSBAND: Halo Top ice cream, almond milk, and um ughhhh, those bars, what are they?

* OK, he isn't wrong. These are all technically "fertility friendly" but I meant foods that HELP fertility like almonds, pomegranate juice, etc, etc. And "those bars" are the KIND breakfast bars that are gluten, dairy, and soy free!

Q: How long is my cycle (usually)?


* I was so shocked that he knew the answer to this one!

Q: What is a luteal phase?

HUSBAND: I don't know. Your amount of time between periods?

*Uhhh.. close...

Q: On average, how long has my luteal phase been in the past 4-5 cycles?

HUSBAND: 9 days

* I couldn't believe that he knew the right answer to this question but not what a luteal phase is. So I asked him to really think about it and he remembered that the luteal phase was after ovulation. But that didn't count for his last question. :)

Q: What cream am I using to lengthen my luteal phase?

HUSBAND: Pre-seed? Oh coconut oil! 

* If you follow me on Instagram, this was my teaser because it was so funny! Both items that he named are things we use as lube! Haha. The right answer is PROGESTERONE cream!

Q: What is name of the vitamin that we are both taking?

HUSBAND: mmmm.... starts with an M? Right? Magolium? I can't remember babe!


Q: When we finally get pregnant, approximately how many weeks is a woman pregnant for?


* I get why he thinks this, he knows that a woman is "pregnant for 9 months" so he multiplied 9 x 4. But I explained that it was actually 40 weeks!

Q: How many periods of pregnancy are there? What are they called?

HUSBAND: trimesters and three, I'm not a complete idiot

Q: Give me a random fact about infertility.

HUSBAND: It doesn't mean you can't have kids, it just is harder

Q: What brand pre-natal vitamins do I take?

HUSBAND: What brand? I don't know. (When I told him "Honest Company" he replied, "oh yeah, that's what I was going to say")

Q: If you could give any male advice on trying to conceive, what would that advice be?

HUSBAND: (long pause) Do the best you can

* A man of very few words! 

Q: Give my Dreamers some marriage advice. What is one thing that you think helps our marriage while facing infertility?

HUSBAND: Stay positive

* Again, he is a man of very few words! 

Q: What day in the cycle is considered "cycle day number one"?

HUSBAND: Ovulation?



Well that was my Q & A with my husband! I tried to make the questions easy but he told me that he thought they were too hard for our first session. What did ya'll think? I just wanted to take a break from talking about my journey and the hardships of infertility so I thought that this would be fun! 

Let me know if you liked this! If you have some good questions for me to ask him for our next q & a, comment below or email! You can also DM me on Instagram!