A Goodbye Letter To The Child That We'll Never Meet

Dear Baby C,

From the moment that we found out we were going to be parents, we were obsessed with every thought about you. It makes me so sad that you never had the chance to know us, because we had every desire to be the best parents that we could be. We talked about everything from who you would favor the most, what your name would be, where you room would be and how we would arrange furniture, which of our dogs would love you the most (we think it would have been Stella), and how we would spoil you with all of the things we never had when we were kids.

You were loved from the very beginning until the very end, and beyond. I wish I could make sure that you knew that.

I never knew the amount of love that could exist for a being before their heart was even beating, I have you to thank for showing me that love. I honestly have you to thank for a lot of things, like teaching me patience, showing me how strong I am, giving me the hope that I could get pregnant, and giving me the dreams of what our life would have been like. But oh how sorry I am that we won’t get to experience that together. More than that, i’m sorry you won’t get to experience how great your dad is. I just know that he would have been the best dad to you because in your short time here, he was always thinking in your best interest. He believed in you from the moment you started growing and he didn’t give up on you. That’s just who he is. i’m so sorry that you had to miss out on knowing him.

We talked about what your name would be and even though we have no idea if you were a girl or a boy, either way you would have been named after some incredible people. But I bet you’ve already met them in heaven. I am so jealous that you get to be with them but I bet they are taking good care of you. Tell them I love them.

The one thing that I want to say, is that when we get our rainbow baby you will not be forgotten. We will never forget that you existed for a short period of time because no matter how short of time it was, the impact was large. You will always be on our minds, in our hearts, and a piece of our lives. We are just sorry that we couldn’t be a bigger piece of yours. Thank you for all that you’ve given us, thank you for all that you’ve taught me. Until we meet again…