Five Ways My Period Has Changed After Miscarriage

Five Ways My Period Changed After Miscarriage

I expected to experience some changes with my cycle and my body after loss but to be honest I didn’t even think about how it would change my period. Now that I am two cycles down after loss and I’m on cycle day seven and still bleeding - I need to vent about these changes because I feel like I am going a little nutty over here.

01 - The first and most important change that miscarriage has had on my period is the length. In the past my periods have ranged from 3-5 days. I can’t even remember the last time my period was longer than five days until now. This is my second period after loss and I’m still bleeding on day seven.

02 - The second change that miscarriage has had on my period is the pattern of bleeding. Before loss, the first day of my cycle was a very very heavy flow and along with the flow came major cramping, nausea, all of that fun stuff. My periods have been notorious for being just terrible. There have been numerous times that I’ve had to leave work or I spent the day on the bathroom floor afraid of being sick. Now I’ve been spotting for a day or two and then a heavy flow from day 3 until it’s over. It’s madness over here, ya’ll. It’s like my period completely flip flopped.

03 - The third change that I’ve noticed in my period is that I think my hormones are a little wacky. I’ve always had a pimple or two show up on my chin around that time of the month but for the last two periods I’ve had bumps all over my cheeks, chin, nose, forehead. It’s driving me crazy! They aren’t pimples, they look more like sweat bumps. I wash my face twice a day (with a non toxic face wash) and I went makeup free for 5 or 6 days and still no change. It’s funny thought because when I was pregnant (ugh I hate typing that) my face was doing this constantly. The hormones were just so crazy!

04 - The fourth change that I’ve noticed since my miscarriage is my pain level is much lower. I don’t know if I’ve been lucky for the last two cycles but my cramps have been manageable. They’ve definitely been there but I can talk, walk and breathe through them. Prior to my miscarriage my cramps were debilitating. The nausea that I would experience was mostly from the pain being so intense. I also wonder if it’s my pain tolerance. When I miscarried at home I had no pain medication in my system or anything and it was the worst pain I could have ever experienced. I can’t help but think that maybe because of that experience, my pain tolerance is much higher.

05 - The fifth and final (for now) change that I’ve noticed since my miscarriage is I’m having these crazy, vivid, odd dreams only while on my period. I’m a dreamer in general but it’s been just so different since the miscarriage. I keep dreaming, I should really call it nightmares, of people dying, getting hurt, bad things happening to my family. They have been so terrible that it usually wakes me up and I can’t go back to sleep.

I’m wondering if I’m crazy for thinking that these are changes! They have been consistent over the last two periods so unless my body is still somewhat healing from the miscarriage, it seems like a change! Not even to mention all of the changes to my cycle, my body, my life post-miscarriage but that’s not what this blog. post is about.

Leave a comment below if you experienced any of these crazy post-miscarriage period symptoms!