Five Reasons I'm Thankful For My Body


I’ll bet you a hundred dollars that right now you are confused. You are confused as to why you are on a blog about infertility and pregnancy loss and reading a blog post titled “Five Reasons 'I’m Thankful For My Body” and I totally understand but hear me out. When we first learned that we were going to miscarry, I thought that my body was broken. I was so angry at my body because I had done all of the things that I was supposed to do. I cut out all of the bad things months before I was even pregnant. I was just so upset with myself and it wasn’t until our actual physical miscarriage that I realized that my body was actually working really hard for me. It had my best interest in mind, as morbid as that seems looking at the situation. So today I wanted to share five reasons why I’m thankful for my body after all that I’ve been through.


First and foremost, I’m so thankful that my body was able to get pregnant at all. This was something that I did not think would happen on its own and it did. For that, I am very thankful.


I’m thankful that my cycles are regular and never more than 30 days. Being apart of this community I’ve learned that so many women struggle with these terribly long and unpredictable cycles. Although I ovulate late and my periods are difficult on my body, I’m at least thankful that my cycle is regular.


I’m thankful that when our pregnancy was going to end, my body knew exactly what to do because I was clueless.


I’m thankful that I am able to ovulate on my own because I know a lot of women are not able to do that.


I’m thankful that my body healed as it should after loss, that my cycle came back exactly 4 weeks later, that my first period wasn’t terrible, and that we are able to try again after loss.

I find it much easier to think about the reasons why I am thankful for my body instead of blaming it for what’s happened to me. I could probably think of more than five things but I think that’s a great starting point for being thankful this year, don’t you think?

Tell me why you are thankful for your body in the comments below!