Here's Everything You Need To Be Physically Prepared To Miscarry

Everything you need to buy to be prepared to miscarry

“I miscarried naturally and literally everyone told me to expect a heavy period, stay hydrated, and get heavy duty maxi pads. I’m about to give it to you straight, you need a lot more than those three items.”

Going through my miscarriage was easily the worst thing that I’ve ever been through. For the weeks leading up to our last scan, I would Google and try to ask other women for advice on how to be prepared incase I miscarried naturally and literally everyone told me to expect a heavy period, stay hydrated, and get heavy duty maxi pads. I’m about to give it to you straight, you need a lot more than those three items. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you exactly what you need to have in your house because let me tell you, once that miscarriage starts you aren’t going anywhere. If you know that there’s a chance that you’ll be home alone or maybe you don’t have a partner to go through this with, it’s better to be over prepared. Just trust me.


  • Adult Diapers - Laugh all you want to but these diapers came in handy every day until I was 6-7 days post-miscarriage. You have a lot going on down there and you want to be comfortable. I just bought some of the Depends brand from Walmart. I also suggest buying a lot of them. I wore the adult diapers until 7 days post-miscarriage. Click here to buy the brand and quantity that I bought and recommend.

  • Heavy-duty Pads (wide if you can get them) - This is probably the first item that your doctor told you to buy. Even though I suggested diapers above, you will still need pads. The diapers don’t take the place of pads, I used them in addition to the pads. (see my tip below). Click here to buy the brand that I bought and recommend. <- I swear by these because of the length of the pad. It makes a HUGE difference!

  • Water, Gatorade, or Pedialyte - You are going to need to be hydrated because you will feel sick, you won’t eat, and you will be losing a lot of blood. My doctor told me to alternate between water and gatorade because of the added electrolytes in gatorade. Pedialyte is a great substitute for gatorade too!

  • Ice Packs - At least in my experience, I had so many hot flashes. I was nauseous, everything was just so bad. Putting an ice pack on the back of my neck really helped that. Click here to buy the small ice packs that I use for headaches and nausea (when I was pregnant and during the miscarriage)

  • Heating Pad - Use the heating pad after the worst is over and you are able to lay down. The heating pad will help with the pain from cramping and it will help soothe your uterus, which is doing a ton of work right now. In case you are doing a huge Amazon order to prepare yourself for your loss, here is a link to the exact heating pad that I have. it’s super cheap and I have used it for years.

  • Extra Towels - A lot of women told me that they bled through their pants and got blood on their sheets or couch. Even while wearing the diaper. During a miscarriage, you bleed a lot so having a towel under you on furniture isn’t a bad idea. I went to Walmart and bought some of their $4 towels!

  • Pain Killers - Ask your doctor for a prescribed pain killer for the pain. It will help you during the worst of the miscarriage, if you can hold it down (I wasn’t able to) but you will also use the painkillers for the few days following the miscarriage.

  • Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes (preferably flushable) - I bought flushable wet wipes from Walmart and they were just as much of a game changer as the diapers were. Without me getting to graphic, just think about it, there’s a lot going on and you will want to clean yourself as often as you can. That’s where the wet wipes come in. I suggest finding flushable ones so you don’t have to have a bunch of bloody wipes in your trashcan. While you’re in Walmart getting those cheap towels, get some of their brand of flushable wet wipes. They are cheap and come in a large pack!

  • Your partner, a close friend, or a family member - This one is totally up to you but I almost thought about wanting to be home alone during the miscarriage. I thought that my husband would get in the way and bother me and luckily he was there because it was way worse than I ever expected. If he hadn’t been there, I don’t know what I would have done. You need to have someone there with you because chances are you will be in so much pain that you can’t move, you’ll hardly be able to walk, you’ll need someone to get you drinks or ice chips. You will need someone there with you.


#1 - Line your adult diaper with a pad for extra protection, especially at night.

#2 - Pack a “miscarriage bag” if you return to work. I had a little pouch where I put an extra diaper, at least 5 heavy duty pads, and some wet wipes.

#3 - Don’t act tough, ask for help. If your partner is at work, tell them to come home. You don’t need to be home alone during this. Now is not the time to act tough.

#4 - Buy a lot of materials like diapers and pads. Even if you buy too much - it’s fine. I bought 50 pads and 15 adult diapers and had to send my husband to the store for more. You are probably going to bleed for quite a few days so be prepared!

#5 - Keep all of these materials in the bathroom (obviously someone will need to bring you the ice pack and/or drinks) but having the pads, diapers, towels, and extra underwear in the bathroom will help you a lot. I planned on laying around the house if I miscarried at home but I actually stayed in the bathroom on the toilet. No shame, it was what was more comfortable for me. Even if you are able to lay in bed or walk around your house - you will be changing your pad and diaper in the bathroom. Put this stuff beside your toilet. Just trust me.

While you may never be ready to miscarry, I hope that this blog post alone with the one I wrote about what miscarriage is really like and what to expect following your miscarriage, help you.

I truly hate that people go through this unprepared so if I can prepare even one person - then it’s worth sharing.

And as I have mentioned in my previous miscarriage related blog posts - never hesitate to email me or send me a direct message on social media if you are miscarrying or planning to induce a miscarriage. It would be my pleasure to talk you through it and help you prepare. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN THIS.