Ashley's Journey Through 3 Years of Infertility & Starting IVF in 2018!

IVF started the process!

OK I mean we’ve started the baby-making  process!!  Well it’s something that’s been in the making for the past 3 years since we’ve been married but earlier this year, we finally decided to see a reproductive specialist… and got shitty news.

We found out in December 2017 via vaginal ultrasound that I had cyst. Unfortunately, in January when I had surgery – the doctor didn’t remove the cyst completely. Sure he removed the follicle cyst buttttttt forgot to remove (only drained) the endometrium cyst. So now… nearly 6 months later, we’re back at a different reproductive office and starting the whole process over again. *FML*

We had our IVF orientation in July 2018 – and OMG literally love my nurses and doctors already! They’re so thorough and made me a little (tiny little) bit less nervous to continue with surgery for removal of the endometriosis and to continue with IVF (this doc recommended skipping IUI and going right to IVF because the medications I would take with IUI would irritate the endometriosis more = delaying the baby making process even more).

We also met with the surgeon who would be doing my endometriosis (lap) surgery – who was also great and very thorough. He started me on letrozole (a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors to decrease the amount of estrogen produced by the body; in my case - to help keep the endometrium cysts under control so hopefully they don’t grow anymore) and norethindrone (a progestin that works by stopping the lining of the uterus from growing; in my case - to keep the endometrium cysts at bay).

So that’s where we’re at right now. I am thoroughly impressed with my team and would highly recommend them to anyone in the Philly area. Stay tuned for more updates as the days, weeks, months, progress.

XOXO to my #TTCcommunity