Hey there! We are Arden and Kerry Cartrette

Hello Warrior | Infertility and Miscarriage Blog


Hey there! We are Arden and Kerry Cartrette and we have decided to share our infertility and pregnancy loss journey with all of YOU! This decision didn’t come lightly, we actually kept this to ourselves for a really long time but it got exhausting to not let people in. We feel that this is our story for a reason and that reason is helping others through it (even though we aren’t exactly on the other side ourselves just yet) but we believe that talking about infertility and loss is the best way to raise awareness - so here we are.


Kerry and I met when I was just 19 years old and he was 22. We grew up in the same small town, went to the same high school and knew of the same people but our paths didn’t cross until years after high school. When I was a freshman he was a graduating senior. I actually was friends with his cousin but still never ran into him. We met in the most romantic way ever… I sent him a friend request on Facebook, he accepted, he messaged me and then we started dating! It’s a modern day Cinderella you guys! 

We moved very quickly in our relationship. We moved in together only eight months after dating, bought our house a year after that, got married another year after that (on September 26th, 2015) and here we are.

I work in real estate. I handle contracts and help with marketing for my firm so although I am a licensed real estate agent, I get a steady paycheck and don’t have to worry about not making money for a month or two. I’m very lucky to have my job - I have great bosses, coworkers, and just really enjoy my job every single day. Not many people can say that.

Kerry is an insulator! He makes fun of me because I honestly have no idea how to describe his job. He doesn’t do the Pink Panther type of insulation, it’s more for commercial and big industrial buildings! It sounds boring so we will leave it there! 

If you are new to our blog, below are a few of the blog posts that I think you should check out first! We were also featured on Love What Matters and there is literally a full version of our story there! You can click RIGHT HERE to read that entry!

Hello Warrior | Infertility and miscarriage blog


If you are coming to this page and wondering why the name of the blog is Hello Warrior then let me explain. In the infertility, trying to conceive, pregnancy loss communities the word warrior is thrown around a lot, and rightfully so. The truth is, that everyone is a warrior of some type. Rather you are an infertility warrior, a miscarriage warrior, and IVF warrior, an anxiety warrior, depression warrior, or a It’s Monday, I need some help warrior - you are accepted here. This is the place where I want women (and men) to feel like warriors every day, all the time, no matter what.

Especially while facing fertility struggles because let’s face it, it’s hard not feel down on yourself when your sole purpose as a human seems to be reproducing children and you can’t do that but you want to. It’s a lonely and isolating world out there and unless we talk about these feelings, these issues, these struggles - no one knows that we are suffering.

So on Hello Warrior I have a blog where I share our journey through infertility, loss, and life after loss but I also have pages for support where you can join our online support group, link to other bloggers that you may relate to, each Friday I share a Featured Warrior and they tell their story. I wanted this to be a one stop shop for information that you can relate to and support for whenever and however you may need it.


Every minute spent worrying about the way things were is a moment stolen from creating the way things can be.
— Robin Sharma