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I’m Arden,



I’m from small-town, North Carolina where I live with my husband of over three years, Kerry, and our four dogs (Patches, Sugar, Stella, and Beasley). We’ve been trying to conceive since July 2017 and our journey has been anything but easy. I started blogging about my concerns and disappointment and I quickly learned that this community was perfect for both giving and receiving support.

In June 2018, we started to see a reproductive endocrinologist and that’s where the word infertility started to appear on medical documents and get thrown around in conversation. 

Our doctor’s main concern was my luteal phase, which is the part of the cycle between ovulation and the end of your cycle. My luteal phase is about 9-10 days when it should be around 12 days. We were told that a short luteal phase doesn’t make it impossible to get pregnant, but it does make it more difficult.

We decided to do a medicated cycle, with the purpose of timing ovulation but we naturally conceived the cycle before we were supposed to start the treatment. Unfortunately, at 8 weeks, we found out that our baby was not growing and the pregnancy was not viable. I later miscarried at home. 

Now we are waiting for our rainbow baby. 

Most days, you can find me watching Bravo and working on my writing - with my dogs sleeping next to me. I love spending evenings at home with my husband, eating our favorite meal - spaghetti!

I work in real estate and am one of the few that can say “I love my job!” but it’s so true. I feel very lucky for the life that I live but I can’t wait to add a sweet little babe to the mix. 

We've  been open with family and friends about our struggles with infertility and recently, our miscarriage. The reason why I love writing about our journey and what we learn and do along the way, is because it connects me with women all over the world who are going through similar experiences. Some are looking for guidance and others are there to offer me guidance. Not to mention, talking about infertility and miscarriage, raises awareness. I might be one person but I am on a mission to change as much of the world as I can! 

Welcome to my blog where you are a warrior everyday of the week, no matter what. 

Every minute spent worrying about the way things were is a moment stolen from creating the way things can be.
— Robin Sharma


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  • HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving

  • Quote: I have a lot but I included one of my favorites by Robin Sharma above!

  • SEASON: Fall/Winter (I love cold weather)

  • BOOK: Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma