hello, i’m arden

I’m the writer, creator and voice of Hello, Warrior.

i’m a crazy-be mom, currently a crazy dog mom

I’m twenty-six years old, married to the actual love of my life, Kerry, and living with him and our four dogs in small-town, North Carolina! We met in 2012 (through Facebook but that’s not very romantic) and right away, we knew what we had was special. He was the one.

Fast forward through the next three years and we got married on September 26th, 2015. After over two years of marriage, we decided that we wanted to grow our family and start trying to conceive a little baby Cartrette. After a year of unsuccessfully trying, we started to see our reproductive endocrinologist.

Our journey includes two years of infertility, two miscarriages, a short luteal phase, possible endometriosis, a monitored medicated cycle using Femara and Ovidrel, and currently we are healing from our second miscarriage before we start our recurrent loss panel to find out what’s going on possibly what’s keeping us from staying pregnant.

Follow our crazy journey through infertility and support us as we chase after our double rainbow.

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